1. what are the jewelry pieces made of?

💙all pieces are made of polymer clay and coated with either resin, polycrylic or polyurethane for shine. metal pieces are stainless steel or surgical steel.

2. why is there only 1 of each piece?

💙each piece is handmade of mixed clay slabs that create different patterns and colors within. so it is impossible to create exact replica pieces. 

if more than one piece is offered, understand that color and pattern variations may be different from piece to piece.

3. shipping costs?

💙i know we all hate to pay for shipping when we buy products, i do too. many businesses will up the price of their products to be able to offer "free" shipping. but that would mean I need to up all my products by $5 when you really only need to pay it once.  

shipping costs have gone up a lot recently. the actual cost to ship the small box I use is between $4.50 - $5.50 depending on the weight (number of items in the box). this does not include the cost of the box itself or packing items, which brings the cost closer to $6. i charge a flat rate of $5 for shipping up to $75. after that shipping is on me. 

4. cord lengths?

💙cord length is stated in each listing. some of the cords have a 2" extender, also stated in listing. so if it says 16" plus 2" extender, that means it is 16" but can go up to 18". all cords can be removed and replaced with your favorite cord or chain.